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A word from the founder, Joy CameronÖ

Joy Cameron, Founder of Bikes ' Brains

Joy Cameron

In September 2013, I was out for a bike ride, when a car hit me from behind at full speed. My life changed dramatically. Within a few months, I was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome.

As the first anniversary of my accident approached, I felt frustrated and discouraged by my continued limitations. Recognizing that I needed to find a way to change the connotations of September 26th, I began to think about what I could plan to make the day a little less depressing.

I realized that there is a great need for increased awareness about bike safety and brain injuries in London. With my passion for raising awareness about stigmatized and misunderstood issues, developing a Bike Safety & Brain Injury Awareness & Prevention event was an obvious fit. And so, with lots of help and support, the first annual Bikes ní Brains event was a success!

Although, the week of September 26th, was not free from grief, Bikes ní Brains added hope and purpose to the emotions that week held for me. It sucks that I live with post-concussion syndrome. It absolutely undeniably sucks. When my accident happened, I couldnít see any purpose in it. But eventually, that accident became the catalyst for the annual Bikes ní Brains awareness event. We canít control everything that happens in life. All we can control is our response to it.

Joy Cameron, Awareness Speaker
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